Jacob Speake

Dánia egyik legkiválóbb független előadója akuszutikus koncertet ad a NyolcTíz nevű helyen, a Centrál Passage emeletén.
A belépés INGYENES!

Rolling grooves, surprising phrasing and romantic melodies make Jacob Speake’s second album Dreaming of the Past a high fidelity luxurious listening experience.
Jacob’s a child of the 70’s, reflected in his singer/songwriter sensibility, time-honed lyrics and melodic references to the English pop icons of the 60’s. His debut album enjoyed national radio airplay in Denmark and he has played many concerts since then. He has produced projects for other performers and oversees his own recordings to the finest detail, picking accompanying players and arranging each song according to the atmosphere it generates. He is one of the most connected individuals in the independent music scene of Copenhagen promoting and hosting two established indie-nights at Kulturhuset Islands Brygge and Tjili Pop. Two years have been spent producing his second album Dreaming of the Pa st . He is ecstatic with the results that represent the craft and virtuosity given by over twenty years of songwriting. It is now available on vinyl, cd and streaming.