Lectures from the North

The Think:Nordic conference will provide its audience with firsthand accounts from Nordic experts of various fields on topics such as social issues and their Northern European solutions, cutting-edge research, cultural and artistic trends and activities.

Among the lecturers of the 2018 conference you will find experts of sustainable development and transportation as well as of television.

The 30-minute lectures will be presented in English, followed by 10 minutes of Q&A each. The conference will be rounded off by a panel discussion with the participation of all five guests.

Date: 3rd March 2018, 2–8 p.m.
Location: Corvinus University of Budapest, Building E, Auditorium IV (Fővám tér 8.)
Host: Krisztina Bombera

Tickets: 1500 HUF (1000 HUF for students) at or events organized by Scandinavian House Foundation or at the conference


Detailed programme

14:00–14:10        Opening speech
14:15–14:55        Lecture: Magnús Karl Magnússon (IS)
15:00–15:40        Lecture: Lasse Schelde (DK)
15:45–16:25        Lecture: Rasmus Ekholm (FIN)
16:25–16:55        Break
17:00–17:40        Lecture: Thomas Hellum (N)
17:45–18:25        Lecture: Mattias Goldmann (S)
18:25–18:55        Break
19:00–19:45        Panel discussion
20:30–                 Presentation of the new scholarly journal Észak (‘North’)


Main supporters of the event: Ferencvárosi Közösségi Alapítvány foundation and the embassies of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden in Hungary.


The Lecturers

Magnús Karl Magnússon

Magnús Karl Magnússon is a hematologist and professor at the Faculty of Medicine at University of Iceland. He cooperates with the Icelandic biopharmaceutical company deCODE genetics conducting research on the human genome with the help of Icelandic genetic resources that can reveal essential information on e. g. genetic risk factors of common diseases. Their results can contribute to creating new means of diagnosing, treating and preventing medical conditions.


Lasse Schelde

Lasse Schelde is a designer, photographer, architect and urban designer who has been working with sustainable mobility since 2009. He firmly believes that cycling is pivotal for urban development, thus needs to be taken seriously. He established a bicycle library, organizes exhibitions, develops mobility networks, cycling ‘superhighways’ and design solutions. Lasse is the co-founder of Bicycle Innovation Lab and a member of its board. In August, he started his own enterprise, Moving Spaces, currently advising the Polish city Sopot on urban mobility. Lasse has held various lectures around the world on sustainable mobility and the future of cycling, for example in Vancouver (Velocity), Munich (Mobility Innovation) and Zagreb (Pedalafest). His architect firm Schelde ex Mundi aims at establishing the harmony of nature and humanity in architecture. Lasse is a contributor to the Danish newspaper ‘Information’ and a well-known public figure actively commenting on international tech news. His latest articles focus on self-driving cars and the introduction of self-driving vehicles in European public transportation.


Rasmus Ekholm

Rasmus Ekholm is the Head of European Operations at Slush and a student at Arcada University of Applied Sciences, studying Business Administration in Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship.
With Slush being the world’s leading startup event, Rasmus has been contributing to connecting startups & tech talent with top-tier investors, executives and media.
He served as the vice-chairman and chairman at Arcada Entrepreneurship Society which worked as a link between Arcada University of Applied Sciences and the Finnish startup ecosystem. Together with his team, they managed to host a total of thirty events, including panel discussions, multiple industry specific events and some more hands-on events for ‘to-become-entrepreneurs’ explaining the essentials of how to start and run your own business.


Thomas Hellum

Thomas Hellum is an award-winning television producer who has worked at NRK, the Norwegian government-owned radio and television public broadcasting company since 1992. The former lighting designer moved into photography and then began to work as a producer, specializing in documentaries. In 2009, he became one of the driving forces behind the “Slow TV” movement, filming and broadcasting apparently boring events as they happen and turning them into genuinely thrilling television drama. Hellum won the Grand Prix Golden Prague at the International Television Festival in Prague in 2008 for the documentary Ballad for Edvard Grieg which tracked the composer’s travels through Europe. He also won the Rose d’Or Award for The Sound of Ole Bull at the Rose d’Or Festival in Lucerne in 2012. His personal motto: “Life is best when it’s a bit strange.”


Mattias Goldmann

Mattias Goldmann is the CEO of the Swedish green and liberal think tank Fores (Forum for Reforms, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability). Between 2001 and 2003, he was Chief Communications Officer of the Swedish Green Party (Miljöpartiet de gröna). In 2016, he was elected Sweden’s most influential person in sustainability issues, a year after he was knighted by the French government for his outstanding work against climate change. He was previously Politician of the year and has won the Lobbyist of the year award. Mattias was Born in Geneva but lives in Stockholm after several years spent abroad, among others in Kenya and Chile.