Ákos Kővári

My name is Ákos Kővári, I am 41 years old.
From 1988 till 1990 I was living in Oslo, and went to school there. In 1993-1994 I studied at the Department of English Teacher Training at Kodolányi János College in Székesfehérvár. I did not complete my studies there because in 1994 I was admitted to the Department of Scandinavian Studies at ELTE University in Budapest, where I graduated in 2001.
I have been teaching Norwegian and English since 1995, and I have had jobs at language schools in Budapest since 2002. I have taught both large groups (16 people), small groups, and of course many private students as well.
At Scandinavian House I conduct mostly beginner and pre-intermediate general language courses.
I always try to keep a good atmosphere in my lessons and make them as interactive as possible. I also find it very important to get my students to practice their existing knowledge in conversations even from beginners’ level.

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