Danish Language Club

The aim of the monthly Danish Language Club is to provide an opportunity for participants to practice Danish language. We offer a variety of topics, native guests, coffee, tea and good atmosphere. There is no minimum level of language requirements but the main language of the arrangements is Danish (of course, we help, if needed ☺).
We have had the pleasure to greet among our native guests ambassador Tom Nørring, the current Danish lecturers at Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Danish authors, teachers from Askov folk high school and Danish people living in Budapest. We have discussed topics as Danish architecture and design, gastronomy, literature, music, we have shared our experiences regarding Denmark, evoked Danish Christmas traditions, but we have also organised Scrabble-parties.
We meet once a month from September to June, usually on a Wednesday evening between 18.00 and 20.00. Sometimes we ask for prior registration due to table reservation or other “materials”. For the exact details see the website, Scandinavian House Foundation’s Facebook page or subscribe to the newsletter.
Everyone is welcome!

Swedish Language Club

We would love to make our language clubs a good place to exercise Swedish language. There is no language level expectation. If you feel like having conversation in Swedish with native speakers and other Swedish loving people, you are more than welcome to join us.

Norwegian Language Club

The Norwegian language club is a monthly organised social event, where the participants have the chance to talk to a native Norwegian guest. We tend to create a various program, hence our guests are always different with a different age, status or activity and even speak different dialects. The conversation is always informal, anyone can ask from the guest and even from another participants anytime, and we try to evoke a friendly atmosphere in a Scandinavian way with coffee and some snacks. Among those, who takes part at the event may not even talk Norwegian, rather Swedish or Danish, but they are willing to practice how to understand another Scandinavian language, so they come and give it a try.
Everyone is very welcome at the Norwegian language clubs, who just want to listen or even talk, we have a single goal: give you the chance to practice your Scandinavian language knowledge free from a native.

Kids’ activities

The Nordic House is focusing on bringing the children closer to the Scandinavian culture and attitude. We try to represent the incredibly exciting Scandinavia in a funny way, for instance trough handicraft session, book launch, screening and different family program. There is always a good opportunity to make children know better the world around them.