About us


Scandinavian House Foundation was established in autumn 2003 by Scandinavians living in Hungary and Hungarians who have a special interest for Scandinavia. Scandinavian House aims at popularizing Scandinavian culture in Hungary, enhancing cooperation between Hungary and the Scandinavian countries by building bridges in the field of economy, culture and tourism.
Our main activity is organizing Scandinavian cultural events for the Hungarian public such as concerts, film screenings, language clubs, book presentations, lectures or kids’ activities.
The staff consists of volunteers and trainees with our work being supervised by our international board of trustees. We work hand in hand with Scandinavian embassies and other cultural operators.


If you would like to support our work or some of our programs, please contact Veronika Varga at vv@skandinavhaz.hu.
The Foundation is entitled to receive 1% of the personal income tax. If you’d like to see more high-quality Scandinavian cultural programs in Budapest, please do support our foundation with 1% of your income tax.




The programs of Scandinavian House are organized by volunteers. If you are interested in Scandinavian culture and want to be a member of a cheerful and creative team – you are more than welcome to join!

What do we expect?
The implementation of the tasks undertaken, reliability, endurance, carrying out less creative tasks as well, good teamwork, flexibility, compliance with the principles of the foundation.

What do we offer?
The companionship of people with similar interests, respect of all work done, personalized tasks (according to field of interest, skills, knowledge, amount of free time), help in building relationships, work, free tickets to Scandinavian events, useful experiences.

To apply please drop a line at info@skandinavhaz.hu.



We welcome student interns who like our programs and activities, can work independently and in teams, speak English or one of the Scandinavian languages, and like Scandinavia, Scandinavian culture and values.

– complete organization of an event or event series individually or in a team, implementation of new ideas, planning
– translation, webpage editing and Facebook updates, 1% campaign, searching for sponsors, partners, PR and marketing tasks, etc.
– personal participation in events, receiving guests, selling books, taking photos etc.
– purchasing books, shopping, etc.

To apply please drop a line at info@skandinavhaz.hu.





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